Tax Cuts Are Helping The Middle Class

When the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act was signed in to law, Congress followed through on a major promise to help the middle class, fix our broken tax code, and grow the economy. The new law will cut taxes for middle-class families by an average of $2,000 and it’s already helping businesses grow the economy: over 3 million Americans at over 150 companies have received a pay raise or bonus from their employer following the passage of tax reform. America needs these tax reform efforts and it would be an economic disaster if they were rolled back.

Fewer Burdensome Regulations Help Our Economy

Commonsense regulations are good but the onslaught of unnecessary federal rules heaped on American businesses during the Obama Administration was crushing. They hurt entire industries and businesses both large and small. The regulations the Obama Administration issued just in 2016 are sapping $2 trillion dollars per year out of the American economy according to an independent study. We support efforts by Congress and President Trump to draw back many harmful Obama-era regulations that are hamstringing our economy and our country.

A Strong National Defense Leads to a Strong America

We face serious threats on the global stage, none more so than radical Islamic terrorism. The brave men and women who serve our country in the military need our full support and the necessary resources to keep America safe. We strongly support a modernized military and intelligence apparatus that are prepared to counter all foreign threats.

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