Conservative Leadership Alliance Launches Ad Campaign Supporting Anthony Gonzalez

WASHINGTON — The Conservative Leadership Alliance launched a $100,000 cable and radio advertising independent expenditure campaign supporting Anthony Gonzalez for Congress in Ohio’s 16th congressional district. The ad “Get It Done” touts Gonzalez as a businessman, an outsider, and a “get it done conservative ready to take on Washington.” The ad will run through primary election day.

“The contrast is stark and the choice is clear: Ohio needs political outsider and ‘get it done conservative’ Anthony Gonzalez, not another tax-raising career politician like State Representative Christina Hagan,” said Conservative Leadership Alliance Treasurer Marc Himmelstein.

The Conservative Leadership Alliance, legally named “CLA, Inc.”, is a 501(c)(4) social welfare organization. Our primary purpose is to put conservative policies into action. That includes advocating for reforms that grow the economy, lower our national debt, fix a broken healthcare system, and make our country safer and stronger through a bold national defense. CLA is currently engaged in a tax reform-related issue advocacy campaign.


There’s two kinds of people in Washington,

The career politicians,

And the outsiders.

Anthony Gonzalez. Conservative.  Businessman.

He’ll work with Trump to get things done!

What we don’t need?

Another career politician who voted to give herself a pay raise, while voting to raise our taxes.

The choice?  Not even close.

Anthony Gonzalez, a get it done conservative ready to take on Washington.

CLA, Inc. is responsible for the Content of this advertising.


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