Conservative Leadership Alliance Launches $230,000 Ad Campaign in PA-13 Opposing Typical Repeat Politicians

WASHINGTON — CLA Inc., the Conservative Leadership Alliance, launched a $230,000 independent expenditure ad campaign today opposing Art Halvorson and John Eichelberger, typical repeat politicians who are desperate to be in the swamp.

The ad campaign will run on broadcast and cable television in both the Harrisburg and Johnstown media markets and there will be an accompanying digital ad campaign and paid live turnout calls. Watch the ad here:

“Typical politicians Art Halvorson and John Eichelberger have run, lost, and are back for more because they’re desperate to be in the swamp,” said CLA Inc. Treasurer Marc Himmelstein. “There’s only one true conservative outsider in the race: Dr. John Joyce.”

The Conservative Leadership Alliance, legally named “CLA, Inc.”, is a 501(c)(4) issue advocacy group. Our primary purpose is to put conservative policies into action. That includes advocating for reforms that grow the economy, lower our national debt, fix a broken healthcare system, and make our country safer and stronger through a bold national defense. CLA is currently engaged in a tax reform-related issue advocacy campaign.


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