CLA Launches Major Issue Advocacy Campaign Supporting Tax Reform & Opposing New Effort to Raise Taxes

WASHINGTON – CLA, Inc., the Conservative Leadership Alliance, today launched a substantial issue advocacy campaign educating voters about the positive impact of tax reform and the new plan by Democrat leaders to roll back these tax cuts, and asking them to call their Member of Congress to oppose this new proposed tax hike.

The first part of the campaign, a substantial television and digital campaign in North Carolina’s 3rd congressional district, will run from March 27th to April 6th. It is one piece of a broader issue advocacy campaign launching soon in multiple districts.

President Trump has been fighting to grow the economy and this new proposed tax hike would roll back major economic progress made this year. Unfortunately, Congressman Walter Jones has opposed President Trump’s agenda time and again, from repealing Obamacare to opposing the middle-class tax cuts. According to the New York Times vote tracker, Jones has opposed Trump’s agenda more than any other Republican in Congress.

“Given Congressman Walter Jones’ continued opposition to cutting taxes and supporting President Trump’s agenda, we are worried he may very well support the Democrats’ proposed tax hike, said CLA, Inc. Treasurer Marc Himmelstein. “North Carolina constituents need to hold Congressman Jones’ feet to the fire by calling his office and imploring him to start supporting President Trump’s agenda and oppose the Democrats’ so-called ‘Jobs & Infrastructure Plan.’”

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