CLA Launches Major Advocacy Campaign Supporting Middle Class Tax Cuts

Washington – The Conservative Leadership Alliance, legally known as CLA, Inc, today launched its latest phase of a major issue advocacy campaign supporting middle class tax cuts. The campaign will run in five districts nationwide: KY-06 (Barr), NE-02 (Bacon), CA-45 (Walters), Paulsen (MN-03), and NC-02 (Holding).

In December, Congress passed historic tax cuts, which are saving middle class families thousands of dollars. Now, Leader Pelosi is promising to roll back the tax cuts, reversing significant progress and taking away hard-earned money from families. As Pelosi calls for hiking taxes, and Republicans consider making permanent certain cuts that would help the Middle Class, CLA is calling on Members of Congress to stand strong for the Middle Class tax cuts.

“The historic tax cuts put more money in the pockets of hard-working middle class families,” said CLA Treasurer Marc Himmelstein. “Those families are keeping more now and saving more for retirement later. We’re encouraging constituents all across America to call their Member of Congress to support the passed tax cuts, make key cuts permanent, and to block the Pelosi tax hike.”

The ads will run on broadcast TV in four districts, on cable TV in CA-45, and substantial digital advertising will run in all of the districts.

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